Peoples Film Program works to support BIPOC and youth film shooters through free development, scanning and supplies.

In doing so we hope to increase their visibility and representation in photojournalism and fine art film photography.

Our mission

We believe the act of shooting film contributes to our collective history and that all individuals and communities deserve access to this important medium and the resources to document their cultural histories and personal stories. 

Currently we are working to organize and develop ways to better assist artists, individuals and community organizations through micro grants, programming, education, archiving, publication and exhibition.

Supporting work focused on —


Social justice

Capturing the affinity individuals have with society at ever level regardless of status and privilege to bring meaningful social change.


Race and Identity

Recognizing the experiences and beliefs of individuals to give them voice and make our conversations more whole.


Community storytelling

Sharing the narratives of micro communities, neighborhoods, and movements to promote awareness and tolerance.


Fiscal and organizational transparency is a priority of the People’s Film Program especially in these early stages as we received funds directly to a personal account.

If you have previously donated and would like to know more about what’s being done with your donation and to see a spreadsheet of our accounting please make a request by emailing us.

We thank you for your support.